Coterie:  A Friendly Group of Kindred Folk

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A Unique Approach to Spirituality

Welcome to our Coterie! Our manner of engaging with people through art, music, healing touch, symbolism, and humor acKnowledges the deep connection to their essential and True Being.

Coterie: A Kindred Group of Like-Minded Folk

 WillowRokk Coterie is a non-sectarian community for peace and intuitive development through sensory, psychic, and spiritual awareness which respects and celebrates each individual’s gifts and specialities.

Why WillowRokk Coterie Exists

The intention of WillowRokk Coterie is to meet seekers and travelers where they are on their journey -- whether at the beginning or further along their way.

Meet the Founder:


Cherie is sometimes a guide, sometimes a teacher... always helping or assisting fellow travelers on their body, mind, spirit walk. She believes in empowering people and walking with them, not leading them.

Our Offerings

 We seek to provide aesthetically pleasing, functional, and/or nature-inspired sensory experiences and healing.

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Meet us face-to-face by visiting us when we're in your area with our mobile healing station and booth! We can't wait to say hello!

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