How to Join WillowRokk Coterie

Being a part of WillowRokk Coterie is simply being part of a positive, uplifting, and edifying conversation. You can join the conversation with our non-judgmental, nonsectarian community in a number of ways. Expect inspiration and guidance in spiritual sensitivity, peace, friendship, intuitive development and more.

Everyone who can keep their contributions positive, edifying, and/or inquisitive are welcome.

Join us in person at our traveling healing booth and shop. You can find us mainly in the Midwest, but occasionally in the Central and Upper Western states as well. 

Our Coterie Definition

A Friendly Group of

Kindred Folk


is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.

Dalai Lama

Enjoy these online tools that engage your senses, mindfully promoting peace in your life.

Practices like the following are small aids in intuitive development, honing spiritual senses, and aiding mindfulness.

Conscious Peace | 2 Minutes

  • Enjoy this simple, lovely tool to time 2 minutes of rest.

  • Offered by the makers of Calm, one of our favorite mindfulness apps.

Mindful Moment | 10 Seconds to 10 Hours

  • Enjoy a satisfying water-drawing-like experience at

Soundscapes | 1 Minute to 24 Hours

  • Ambient sounds you can customize according to your preference at

Engage Your Senses &

Promote Peace in Your Life



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Meet us face-to-face by visiting us when we're in your area with our mobile healing station and booth! We can't wait to say hello!

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