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Generosity, Kindness, Sensitivity, Loyalty


  • Marmots occupy shrub slopes and rocky outcrops of meadows and open habitats in western United States and Canada.

  • Marmots, sometimes called woodchucks, communicate through various screams and tooth chatter.

  • They are also called whistle pigs, as they warn each other with a shrill whistle whenever a predator is near.

  • Marmot burrows may be 3 feet deep, with many entrances and tunnels. Their hibernation burrows are often over 20 feet deep. 

Marmot: Pathfinder Pendant


Pottery-like jewelry of artisanal quality, fresh design, and intrinsic meaning are embodied in each handmade piece from a DeWitt, Michigan studio where artists use proprietary techniques to create a richness of detail not found in other media. These beautifully rendered pieces are known for their educational and interpretive value as they elicit wonder and personal meaning to customers.