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  • Meerkats inhabit southern Africa. They live in highly-social family groups and communicate with over 50 different calls.

  • Meerkats eat roots and bulbs, lizards, birds, rats, insects, and even scorpions as they are immune to scorpion venom!

  • It takes a gang to raise a pup! All adults help with babysitting, feeding, and teaching pups to hunt.

  • Meerkats have uniquely-adapted eyes and ears that protect them as they burrow in the sand. 

Meerkat: Pathfinder Pendant


Pottery-like jewelry of artisanal quality, fresh design, and intrinsic meaning are embodied in each handmade piece from a DeWitt, Michigan studio where artists use proprietary techniques to create a richness of detail not found in other media. These beautifully rendered pieces are known for their educational and interpretive value as they elicit wonder and personal meaning to customers.



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