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  • All of the four species of puffins live in the cold waters of the Arctic and subarctic, nesting in burrows and on sea cliffs.

  • True sea birds, puffins are well adapted to life at sea, with waterproof feathers and the ability to drink saltwater.

  • Parent puffins have been known to carry 62 small fish at a time, crosswise in their bills, back to their nesting chicks.

  • Puffin chicks leave the nest to spend their next 2 - 3 years at sea, eventually returning to dry land to breed and nest. 

Puffin: Pathfinder Pendant


Pottery-like jewelry of artisanal quality, fresh design, and intrinsic meaning are embodied in each handmade piece from a DeWitt, Michigan studio where artists use proprietary techniques to create a richness of detail not found in other media. These beautifully rendered pieces are known for their educational and interpretive value as they elicit wonder and personal meaning to customers.